Cultural Misappropriation

The uncomfortable fact is that I, as in the words of my dear departed friend, Malcolm X's nephew Steven Jones Sr., 'an unknown white woman from the UK' have written the story of a better, but little known, black woman Louise Little. Furthermore, I have not only written the story, I have sent it out into the world in the hope that others will read it too.

The question is why? Because, yes, it sort of smacks of cultural misappropriation.

There is a long and convoluted answer to that question, and if the book makes it into the public domain, I will give that answer, in all its complexity. The short answer is that Hilda Little, Malcolm X's sister and Louise Little's eldest daughter wanted me to do so. How that worked is part of the complexity of the long answer, but if you ever look at me and wonder what the hell I think I am playing at - please know I have considered it an honour and a privilege to tell this story and that it's existence in the world will be to the benefit of many, and not just the few.

The story of Malcolm's mother Louise is not mine; it is yours. I am only the humble vehicle for the telling.

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