Unforgettable: Malcolm X on the BBC

Malcolm X remains a cultural icon whose resonance has persisted, if not grown, during the half century since his assassination. To listen to Malcolm speak, to share in his ideas is to find someone whose thoughts and ideas are as relevant today as they were to his contemporaries. Swap out the references to 'Negros' with 'African-Americans' and you could be listening to a TED speaker on the internet. In many ways it can be taken as a depressing fact: Malcolm's relevance endures because although things have changed in the intervening years, things have not changed enough. Or to use a phrase his French-speaking mother Louise Little might have recognised ~ ~ Plus ça change, plus c'est la même

How A Hill of Feathers started

Five years ago I was standing in my kitchen one weekday morning, listening to the radio. My life was falling apart at the time, but I was listening across the years to a woman whose life was literally being ripped apart by a system that didn't care. The woman's name was Louise Little, and the story was being read as an excerpt from the Pulitzer Prize winning book, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable. Louise was Malcolm X's mother, and on that day, June 6th 2011, I heard how she was found wandering in the snow, without shoes, her newborn baby clutched to her chest. Shortly afterwards, she was taken to a mental hospital. Something told me that there was more to Louise Little t

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